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IT Assessment Service

Unlike large corporate enterprises, most business organizations lack in-house expertise and large IT staff and budgets for robust network maintenance programs. And yet, network and data breaches can have serious consequences for organizations of any size. Are you confident in your approach to preventing downtime and safeguarding sensitive information from external and internal threats? 

Security vulnerabilities and threats continue to rise. More small and midsize organizations are experiencing security breaches due to viruses, malware and hacker intrusions. More than a few technology managers acknowledge that their organizations lack sufficient protection for sensitive data.

IT Security Life Cycle

While even the largest businesses seem unable to avoid attacks by determined hackers, business organizations can take measured steps to mitigate risk. However, given the complexity of the threats—and the constant pace of change in IT—many business operation managers simply don’t know where to start. The answer may be Edge Network Services, IT Assessment. Through this on-site assessment, Edge Network Services technology consultants examine your network, servers and peripheral devices and interview key personnel about business and governance processes.

We have designed the IT Assessment Tool to identify gaps that may exist in following areas:

• Software and hardware maintenance (such as upgrades and patches)
• Firewall security
• Web filtering
• E-mail security
• Anti-virus/Anti-spam/Anti-malware
• Network peripheral security (printer/MFP)

The IT Assessment is designed to provide you with an objective evaluation of your current infrastructure and processes. It will also suggest potential “next steps,” which may help you in addressing vulnerabilities. 

Evaluate current state 

Chances are, you have already invested in some tools to thwart viruses or malware, but have you reviewed your network on an end-to-end basis? If not, it is likely that there is room for improvement. Edge Network Services IT Assessment Service will provide an overall view of the safeguards you have currently deployed against viruses, malware and hacker intrusions. It will also help you identify issues such as gaps in user authentication controls, which may leave you vulnerable to careless or malicious employees. In addition to documenting your current systems, Edge Network Services IT professionals will outline recommendations—from enhanced processes to specific tools and technologies—

Support higher end-user productivity

Excessive network downtime impacts your productivity; without access to business-critical data, your employees cannot do their jobs. As part of the IT Assessment Service, Edge Network Services will pinpoint potential opportunities to deliver better support for your network—enabling employees to focus more time and attention on your core business. Additionally, we can illustrate the potential for using remote monitoring to improve reliability and security while enhancing end-user efficiency and satisfaction.

Accurately forecast IT budget

If your business is like most organizations, you don’t have unlimited  resources for IT budget. Working with Edge Network Services, you can access enterprise-caliber services at a price point that aligns with your business needs. The IT Assessment is a fixed-fee project, so you know exactly what to expect. This service also lays the groundwork for Edge Network Services Proactive Managed IT Services, which offer ongoing IT monitoring and support for a predictable and affordable monthly cost.

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