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Network Security

Network Security

Today, small business, schools, and NFP organizations are more dependent than ever on network security and its reliability and efficiency to grant employees access to critical resources. Any moment of network security downtime can mean disaster. However, our IT Assessment Service can help mitigate those risk associated with network security lapses.

Edge Network Services can ease the burden of trying to support your network and ensure it is running optimally. This allows you to free up resources and focus on the mission critical aspects of your environment. Network security protects the computers in a network, business, school, and NFP organizations, against malicious software and viruses. An unprotected or under protected network will often run slowly and have errors, and occasionally will be knocked out entirely by hackers or malware.

Fortunately, there exist solutions to vulnerable networks. Anti-virus software and vigilance on the part of administrators can protect a network and keep it functioning. Edge Network Services will deploy a comprehensive data loss prevention solution with agent software installed on corporate desktops or laptops across the enterprise.

Through the logging and analysis server, we’ll deploy centrally managed policies, monitor real-time events, and generate reports. Today’s intelligent surveillance system detects, manages and prevents information leakage from multiple communication activities including applications, USB devices, CD/DVD writing, printing devices, instant messaging, email, web browsing, webmail and other file operations.

Edge Network Services provides enterprise environment protection at gigabit speeds through total packet inspection. Our System Protection abilities provide fast, accurate, reliable protection from internal and external cyber-attacks. Through our solution's Infrastructure Protection capabilities, we can protect routers, switches, DNS and other critical infrastructure systems from targeted attacks and traffic anomalies.

Edge Network Services can manage your firewall security. Network firewall monitoring records key network data and will report on average busy time, memory pools, packet discards, input/output errors, queue lengths and collisions. This firewall security monitoring will allow Edge Network Services to ensure that your network infrastructure devices are operating within recommended limits and network performance is optimal.


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