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Data Backup and Storage

Data Backup and Storage

Protecting your data and your clients' data is critical. And as devices, systems and networks become more complex, there are simply more things that can go wrong. Interruption of service or loss of data due to an unexpected disaster can have serious financial impact, whether directly or through loss of customer confidence. You know you need to keep your environment safe and secure, but you may not know all the potential security holes and how to address them. Edge Network Services can help.

Business Continuity Plans (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) vary from one business to the next depending on the level of security needed. Edge Network Services has been helping businesses and NFP organizations analyze their IT environments to identify gaps and vulnerabilities, then prioritize accordingly. Our professional team will work beside you to customize a BCP / DRP to reduce downtime and loss of data should the unfortunate disaster happen.


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