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IT Vendor Services

Our Vendor Management Consultant Services provides leadership and support to IT management teams for vendor management and contract negotiations. This service is responsible for conducting vendor scorecards reviews, business reviews, vendor performance and agreement adherence, including IT Procurement, Contract Management, Relationship Management & Performance Management working with internal relationship owners and enhancing the IT Vendor Management program overall. The Vendor Relationship Manager will manage current operations, identify improvements as well as plan a multi-year roadmap.

Engage all levels of management to assess level of risk for IT vendors and identify suitable competitor replacement. Provide guidance and best practice knowledge to reduce contract cost, build vendor management discipline and create vendor relationships which benefit the IT division. The Vendor Management Consultant is a proactive leader, effective with influencing IT partners, with a bias for action and the ability to build, leverage internal and external relationships, facilitate decisions and drive opportunities to solution.

Our vendor relationship manager (VRM) service will be responsible for building and managing relationships with companies that supply products and services to your organization. We’ll work to ensure that vendors meet or exceed their contractual obligations by delivering quality products and services on time. Our VRM Service will contributes to the efficiency, productivity and success of your company.


Our Vendor relationship managers possess good presentation and communication skills to ensure vendors understand their contractual requirements and are able to negotiate and collaborate with vendors at many different levels. VRM’s also possess good analytical qualities to monitor and review vendors’ financial and operational performances. Our VRM’s Managers are excellent team players, working closely with colleagues in purchasing, quality, manufacturing and logistics to understand and meet their requirements and expectations of vendor performance.

Vendor Induction

Our Vendor relationship managers will evaluate potential suppliers using criteria such as industry experience, capacity, quality standards and financial stability. We’ll explain the company’s expectations and standards and negotiate contract terms with vendors. If necessary, we’ll also develop induction programs and provide training to familiarize new vendors with the company’s business processes and quality systems.

Performance Management

Performance management is an important responsibility of vendor relationship managers. We’ll monitor factors such as delivery reliability, quality and accuracy of estimates and invoices. Using vendor management software, we’ll track and analyze vendor performance and generate reports for colleagues in purchasing, manufacturing and logistics. Performance management enables our managers to identify and manage risk. If vendors fail to reach their contractual requirements, they can pose a risk of disruption to the company’s manufacturing or business operations.

Vendor Communications

Our Vendor Relationship managers act as the interface between suppliers and their own organizations. We’ll keep vendors informed on developments in the organization or changes in market conditions that might affect demand for vendors’ products or services. We also may involve vendors in production planning sessions so that vendors can integrate their own production schedules with the organization’s requirements, improving efficiency and reducing the risk of excess capacity or supply shortages.

VRM Responsibilities

  • Implements structure, process, and governance as it relates to vendor communications, contract management, and on-going vendor relationships.
  • Negotiates business and technical provisions of IT related Hardware, Mainframe and Software contracts.
  • Lead development and adoption for the Vendor Management Center of Excellence standards
  • Works with the stakeholders in the vendor management and contracts management process and associated lifecycle activities to meet Premera standards.
  • Works with Senior IT leadership to assess level of risk for IT strategic vendors and identify suitable competitor replacement.
  • Collaborates with cross-functional teams to analyze, develop and implement cutting edge pricing strategies to support new opportunities and programs.
  • Evaluate and analyze pricing and company business needs from internal sources. Create strategic pricing models to represent budgeted amounts that are suitable enterprise wide.
  • Educates personnel, in the creation of pricing, and the creation of guidelines of Vendor Management life cycle for IT.
  • Provides direction and guidance to Vendor Management Analyst iTeam members on vendor research needs


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