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Why Cloud Computing?

The advantages to making the decision to move to Cloud hosting Despite the major operational advantages that Cloud computing has provided for companies of all types, some small and mid-sized business owners may still have reservations about adopting Cloud Services.

Perhaps certain organization managers  still see the technology as new and therefore unproven in its long-term effectiveness. Others might mistakenly think of the Cloud as lacking the level of security they need for their data and applications.

Cloud Computing

The truth, however, is that the Cloud is in many ways the ideal IT infrastructure for a small firm. If you’re still in the decision-making phase regarding a prospective move to Cloud hosting, these three advantages might help sway you.

Cost Transparency

The cost-saving power of the Cloud is well known by now. Rather than making investments in servers that need to be housed on premise, companies can pay only for the storage and network capacity they need, renting compute power from Cloud providers and having it delivered over a Web connection.

But perhaps even more important than this is the fact that the costs of Cloud Services are often much clearer than those of the on-site data center for businesses that need to carefully plan their budgets, this kind of visibility into the costs associated with the Cloud can be a key benefit.

Less Hassle

Especially for small businesses that don’t specialize in tech-related niches, it’s imperative that the IT infrastructure requires as little hands-on maintenance as possible. Profit margins simply aren’t as large for many SMBs as they are for major enterprises, and activities that aren’t directly driving revenue – tending to on-site servers, for example – must be kept to a minimum. By opting for the Cloud, you can outsource your infrastructure maintenance needs to the Cloud provider that hosts your data and applications.

This removes the need to spend money and critical time fixing in-house servers when they go down rather than devoting those hours to mission-critical, profit-creating activities.

Increased Efficiency Means Results

Businesses that improve the flexibility and mobility of their data and communications infrastructure increase workforce efficiency, which is essential to growth. This is especially true for businesses that are looking to expand in the next 12 months. When a cloud infrastructure is in place, employees can access any and all programs from virtually any location with a Web-ready device and an Internet connection. By making applications available instantly, you begin to see much greater productivity from your staff. “Say goodbye to wall-planners, paper holiday forms and complicated Excel spreadsheets. Seamless electronic data capture eliminates paperwork and rekeying,”

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